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Most effective time management techniques

These days, efficiency and productivity are the top goals of managers. Everyone is looking for higher productivity. Experts believe that one of the prerequisites for effectiveness is time management techniques. Highly efficient people manage their time very well because they focus on the results instead of focusing on the activities needed to accomplish a goal, so they: Do everything on time. Provide high-quality work. Have a professional reputation. Have a… Read More »Most effective time management techniques

Why do you need a timesheet and time management system?

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Timesheet and time management system for managing staff performance Managing employees without information about their performance is impossible. You cannot say a person who spends more time in the company has higher productivity. Maybe you have experienced it: Mr. X spends 12 hours or more at the organization, but you know that he wastes most of the hours by smoking or talking on the phone. Whereas Mrs. Y spends less… Read More »Why do you need a timesheet and time management system?

The undeniable role of organizational justice on job satisfaction

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If the real needs of the organization’s employees are not suitably understood, productivity in the organization will be reduced. As all of us know, one of the most important needs of employees is a feeling of justice. Organizational justice refers to fairness and ethical behavior within an organization. The feeling of justice affects the spirit of teamwork as well as the motivation of employees. The first focus on organizational justice… Read More »The undeniable role of organizational justice on job satisfaction

Find your main rival

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I have a friend, we have known each other for 10 years. She has always tried for my priorities. For example, when I wanted to be an engineer and changed my major she changed hers too. When I wanted to continue my education, she handed in her notice and tried as much as she could, to be better than me at something she could not care less. Again, when I… Read More »Find your main rival