System Setup


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If you want to edit user’s permissions, go to Management > Manage Users and select “Edit Permissions” button which is in front of every username. If you intend to grant or revoke any specific permission to any user, you can do it by setting permission for different functions of the system which are categorized in “Management”, “Tasks”, “Reports” and “Timesheet” tabs. Management Full This option allows user access to all… Read More »Permissions


In the “Management” section by choosing “Manage Users”, you will be able to define a user. As shown below when you enable “Enter Password”, a password will be set for the user. During defining a user, if you enter the user email, she must confirm her email, and set a password. As long as the user doesn’t set the password, her status will be Inactive. Also by clicking on Edit… Read More »Users


If your company has several customers, you had better define your customers in the system. This will determine tasks of which customer are being performed. You can also receive the report of each customer separately. By defining customers, you can connect the contracts and projects to them. If you have this permission, the term “Customers” will be added to the “Basic Definition” menu, so that you can add or remove… Read More »Customers


If you see phrase “contracts’’ as a submenu of basic definitions, it means you can define all the contracts features, such as title, number, start date, and finish date. By defining contracts, customers and projects can be connected to contracts, and it is possible to see the report of each contract at any time. (You may have more than a contract with one customer) (by having the related permission, you… Read More »Contracts