Due Date Calendar

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Use Calendar to track and remember the dates on which you should hand in some tasks (Due Date). You can use the buttons with arrow icons to move to previous or next month.

My Tasks

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In this section, you can see all the tasks assigned to you, their features, and related files. By default, only the “Not Completed” tasks are displayed. If you want to see your completed tasks, you can use the filtering feature. Define New Task for Myself If the system administrator gives a user this permission, that user can define a task. In my tasks section, she can define her desired task… Read More »My Tasks

Task Categories

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The user who has this access can define the task categories in the system. Some of the tasks belong to the same group and they can be classified into a specific category. For example, the designing and implementation of the beam, foundation, and column are related to civil engineering. So you can define the civil engineering category in the system. You can find this option in the basic definitions menu… Read More »Task Categories

Define Tasks

Obviously achieving company’s goals requires a set of tasks. This step involves defining the required tasks. If a user has this access, she can see the “tasks” section in the menu. by using this access, the user can define or remove a task, determine the estimated duration and due date of the task, and the users who must perform that. She can also determine which project and category this task… Read More »Define Tasks