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time management

Why is time management so important?

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I want to say time management is important because time is important. I think this is too repetitive if I say: “time is important.” You have already known it. Need I say more? Time is limited. All of us have a certain quantity, and we cannot buy more. About losing money, you can say: “Ok, That’s the life I will try again and this time, I will get off to… Read More »Why is time management so important?

In Time movie - Time management

IN Time

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In Time movie and the importance of time management Maybe you have heard about In Time movie. I watched the In Time movie 6 years ago and when I wanted to write about the importance of time management, this movie came to my mind. If you have not watched it yet, I really suggest it. And if you have already watched it, just think about it and then read this article.… Read More »IN Time