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IN Time

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In Time movie¬†and the importance of time management Maybe you have heard about In Time movie. I watched the In Time movie 6 years ago and when I wanted to write about the importance of time management, this movie came to my mind. If you have not watched it yet, I really suggest it. And if you have already watched it, just think about it and then read this article.… Read More »IN Time

Find your main rival

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I have a friend, we have known each other for 10 years. She has always tried for my priorities. For example, when I wanted to be an engineer and changed my major she changed hers too. When I wanted to continue my education, she handed in her notice and tried as much as she could, to be better than me at something she could not care less. Again, when I… Read More »Find your main rival

New features

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Add 1 hour to deadline of a timesheet Edit tasks from the timesheet menu See the latest timesheet comment Add 1 hour to deadline of a timesheet If you have “Periods Management” permission, by clicking on the item which is shown in the following figure, you can simply add 1 hour to a deadline. (This option is also available in the daily scheduling menu.) Edit tasks from the timesheet menu… Read More »New features