What are the benefits of an employee time-tracking system for your business?

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Benefits of employees’ assessment Employee time-tracking system for employees’ assessment teemTIME – A time-tracking system Benefits of employees’ assessment It is believed that efficiency occurs as a result of employees’ assessment. And businesses use employees’ assessment to create motivation and pile up efficiency. They achieve this purpose by paying more attention to the capability and competency of employees. Although at first, the assessment may make employees feel bad, they finally… Read More »What are the benefits of an employee time-tracking system for your business?
time management

Why is time management so important?

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I want to say time management is important because time is important. I think this is too repetitive if I say: “time is important.” You have already known it. Need I say more? Time is limited. All of us have a certain quantity, and we cannot buy more. About losing money, you can say: “Ok, That’s the life I will try again and this time, I will get off to… Read More »Why is time management so important?
What is a timesheet? 1

What is a timesheet?

Timesheet is a method for recording and tracking the amount of time which is spent on specific activities or projects or for specific clients by each employee. Timesheet can be recorded on a paper or stored in a Microsoft Excel file. We recommend neither excel (Read why?) nor paper. Filling out the timesheet is not lovely work to do. This is the reason for producing a lot of timesheet software… Read More »What is a timesheet?

Live your life on purpose

Live your life on purpose Brian Tracy He is right. But, how? For sure, you have a goal in your life and you do your best to achieve it, but in what way your effort will pay off? I know you have a list in your mind: Get up early Exercise Study very hard Work very hard and etc. But they are not enough. You can always get up at… Read More »Live your life on purpose
In Time movie - Time management

IN Time

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In Time movie and the importance of time management Maybe you have heard about In Time movie. I watched the In Time movie 6 years ago and when I wanted to write about the importance of time management, this movie came to my mind. If you have not watched it yet, I really suggest it. And if you have already watched it, just think about it and then read this article.… Read More »IN Time

Find your main rival

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I have a friend, we have known each other for 10 years. She has always tried for my priorities. For example, when I wanted to be an engineer and changed my major she changed hers too. When I wanted to continue my education, she handed in her notice and tried as much as she could, to be better than me at something she could not care less. Again, when I… Read More »Find your main rival

New features

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Add 1 hour to deadline of a timesheet Edit tasks from the timesheet menu See the latest timesheet comment Add 1 hour to deadline of a timesheet If you have “Periods Management” permission, by clicking on the item which is shown in the following figure, you can simply add 1 hour to a deadline. (This option is also available in the daily scheduling menu.) Edit tasks from the timesheet menu… Read More »New features