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Plan your tasks and Projects

When you don't plan for success it means that you plan for failure!

Track easily

Track time for payroll and billing the customers and finding projects' bottleneck.

Productivity guaranteed

By analyzing the found symptoms in the tracked time and work, you can find solutions and improve the productivity of your team.

Timesheet for online time tracking and project management

Measurement &Management

In so many small and medium enterprises, there are some unanswered questions that we cannot find any explicit answer to them:

  • How much time have different people in our team consumed on different tasks and projects?
  • Who should do which task until when?
  • How can we bill our customers for the time that we have consumed in their projects?
  • How much delay have we ever had in our tasks, projects, and operations? What have been the reasons for our delays? How can we cut them?

  • How can we measure the delays of different people in our team?

The mentioned questions are those that so many managers ask themselves about and as they cannot find a precise answer to them, they have to guess the answers and manage their organizations by trial and error!

“teemTIME” is a timesheet (for work measurement and  Online Time-Tracking software) and project management online tool for SME’s

By teemTIME, you can MANAGE your organization because you can MEASURE IT


why teemTIME time-tracking software?

We have tracked our time since 17 years ago, So we know what do the customers expect
Timesheet Approval

Every timesheet could be approved or rejected by a direct manager. This guarantees the most correct and reliable time tracking results.

Online Time Tracking

Users can track time online. They should not be worry about forgetting the spent time on any online issue. Although offline time tracking is available

Chat & Easy Collaboration

When users have logged in teemTIME, they can chat with each other and talk about their plans, tasks, timesheets and any other issues

Timesheet Management

As a manager you can ask your employees to save their timesheets before specific time. you can set so many rules for planning and timesheet entry.

teemTIME Analytics

There is the most powerful and flexible report & dashboard builder and a variety of Reports and Dashboard widgets for analyzing the performance of your team.


teemTIME is affordable investment with High ROI in comparison with other online time tracking and timesheet providers

Responsive Solution

You can browse teemTIME by your Mobile phone, Tablet or Desktop PC without any problem. There is no need for separate Application installation

Gentle Learning Curve

Nobody in your Organization resists using teemTIME. It is easy to learn and pleasant

Start your journey with us now






Project Activities


Timesheet Lines


Work Steps.

Using teemTIME is easy and It will not take your time a lot

Define your tasks

In every organization, there are operations and tasks. Just define them in teemTIME easily. You should assign them to your colleagues and you can define projects for your tasks.

To Do Tasks

Daily Planning

Before starting the daily work, every organization or team member try to have a daily plan by teemTIME. She can also plan her tasks for the next couple of days too. Daily planning improves performance considerably. Just try it!ُ

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At the end of working time or even during it, everyone registers her own timesheet. she can use her own planed tasks or unpredicted ones for timesheet.

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Dashboards & Reports

As a manager or a team member, you can view many of graphs and reports of projects and people performance and manage your team based on precise measurements. 

Graphs & Reports




Pricing Table.

teemTIME is valuable, So it's not free! Although, our customers are more valuable
Apply annually and get 20% more discount
Small Teams

1-5 Users

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Timesheet lines
Full Dashboard Widgets
Optional Powerful Report Builder
Optional Chat




Small & Medium Enterprises

6-20 Users

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Timesheet lines
Full Dashboard Widgets
Powerful Report Builder




Large Enterprises

21-∞ Users

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited Timesheet lines
Full Dashboard Widgets
Powerful Report Builder





Why Select Us?

There are plenty of Online Time Tracking and timesheet tools on the Internet. Many software products are identical in functionalities; Although user experience and service philosophy cause differentiation.

There are plenty of Timesheet and Project Management Systems. Some of them are too big for SME’s and some others are too simple. teemTIME is an adequate one.


Using teemTIME is a piece of cake.  All of the team members can work with it easily without need of training.


teemTIME is valuable, So it’s not free! Although, our customers are more valuable for us and we have provided an affordable service for them.


We know that having satisfied customers is the best way for our growth. The most important reason for a newcomer is old satisfied customers

Report Builder

you can build ANY report by POWERFUL Report Builder which is unique for teemTIME between competitors.

Customer Support

We have provided 7/24 (Online during work days) Support for our customers. We are supporting them when they have any question or problem.


our time-tracking Software blog

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